The i r Purpose

Rainbow Farm supported the medical, spiritual, and responsible recreational uses of Marijuana for a more sane and compassionate America. They also encouraged the vast agricultural and industrial uses of the natural substance Cannabis Hemp as an environmentally safe alternative to thousands of synthetic products now being mass consumed in this country at a tremendous cost to our environment.

Above all they supported FREEDOM in America. They had seen the erosion of our precious civil liberties over the past 60 years as a direct result of Cannabis prohibition and the governments War on Drugs. They considered this a war on US and fought back with large assemblies of people with similar views at our two annual hemp festivals HEMP AID and RoachRoast. They believed it was their DUTY as citizens of a FREE country to be vigilant in the protection of our sacred civil liberties.

They educated and informed people about the beneficial and responsible uses of Cannabis and we register voters to gain the power at the polls to put politicians into office who support our freedoms and the reform of Marijuana laws. They became active in the political process in this country and encouraged all responsible citizens to do the same. Proceeds from HEMP AID and RoachRoast were used to support many groups, agencies and individuals who are active in the support of our civil liberties. They felt the time had come and was right to put an end to prohibition forever. They believed that the general populace of their country had become smart enough to understand that our tax dollars would be better spent and our society as a whole would be better served by providing treatment for people with drug problems instead of imprisonment.

Rainbow Farm DID NOT promote the use of illicit drugs by anyone, nor did they condone or encourage the use of tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana by minors. They did not encourage breaking laws. They worked hard to change attitudes and bad laws from within the system of government currently in place. They supported that system of government and felt privileged to live in America.

Copyright 1999, Rainbow Farm, All rights reserved.